Fire Safety

Stephen Joyce

The Importance of Fire Safety on College Campuses

The number of fire related issues on college campuses across America are quite shocking. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, “the number of reported fires in the dormitory occupancy group reached 3,780 in 2011” (NFPA, 2015). We have seen a steady increase in the amount of reported dormitory fires over the past thirty years. Perhaps the reason is present day there are simply more dormitories, therefore increasing the chances, or perhaps it is the students are less concerned with fire safety. Whichever the case, administrators at college institutions should look to tackle this issue and provide more information on fire safety including speeches from local firefighters, posted signs with safety tips, and perhaps using more fire safe materials in dormitories. Endicott has done a great job throughout my time here educating students on fire safety through informational sessions with residence life staff. My only suggestion would be to make the fire safety tips and information more visible and accessible rather than just putting it in the student handbook.
Why is fire safety so important on college campuses? The main concern is the amount of people that live in one dorm building that would be affected. Think of how many lives would be at stake if one fire sparked in one room on the first floor of a four-story dorm building, hundreds. I couldn’t imagine having the responsibility of putting others in the hospital for my wrongdoing in this case my rooms’ inability to remove cookware from the stovetop. I found that the majority of fires in dormitories involve cookware such as in my case. In fact, “between 2007-2011, cooking equipment was involved in 84% of the reported dormitory fires; this includes confined or contained fires” (NFPA, 2015). Another reason that fire safety is so important on college campuses is because of the amount of people that could potentially be responsible for a fire....