“Romanticism is not only between people… but between poems as well”

The Romantic period was of big impact on society as a consequence that it included specific thoughts about what the people thought about themselves, and the world they lived in. In romanticism poetry, one can find new concepts such as symbolism, nature, closeness to God, and the use of imagination. With these concepts, many authors became popular and they were the ones leading the romanticism movement. One of them was George Byron, also known as Lord Byron, whom works were distinguishably different due to their different uses of poetic devices. Furthermore, Byron dealt with what Romanticism was all about, which was to identify the central importance about the emotions and about the individual as well. If you follow Byron’s writings closely, one will see how he uses his method to develop a whole exceptional effect.
To begin with, George Byron works are a clear example of the Romantic era, but the ones that caught my eye the most were, “She walks in beauty” and “When we two parted”. These two poems have a big similarity when seeing the aspects of Romanticism, but at the same time they are so different, beginning from the way the author expresses himself through these poems. When reading, “She walks in beauty”, one can notice how the author is fascinated with a woman’s beauty just by reading the title. This poem adapts to the concept of self-expression and the power to convey Byron’s personal perception of love and life. For example, the author uses two different forces, light and dark, to emphasize the woman’s internal and external beauty. This can be found in the lines where he compares this woman to a dark night with bright stars, meaning that even the darkest things have its brightness. This would be a “perfect evening” day for the author. The dark sky filled with shining stars. The description would symbolize how he finds that scene so perfect and that is why he compares her to the picture of...