Romanticism Essay

The ways of thinking of humans were different at times of places in history. Romanticisms ways of thinking about human experiences and the world at large was very free thinking and more about the beauty of nature, rather than the need of material possessions. The era of Neoclassicism was a really structured way of thinking in the 18th Century. During this time, the Romantic Era had also started, which differed largely from the thinking methods of the Neoclassicists.

Romanticism was one of the most complex artistic, literary and intellectual movements that occurred in the late half of the 18th century in Europe. The Romantic Era was ignited by the Industrial Revolution. With the coming of the Romantic Era, things that came with it were probably one of the most evolutional ways of thinking at the time. The Romantics (Romantic Poets) had a way of thinking which was to connect and be one with Nature. They said that the imagination was the most powerful way of thinking. They said that imagination was important as it was the supreme power of the mind. To the Romantics, the imagination was dynamic, it was active, rather than just using it passively, and it had many functions, Imagination was the primary source of motivation for creating all types of art. Nature also meant many things to the Romantics, to the Romantics; the nature often presented itself to them as a work of art, constructed by the divine imagination in symbolic language. Romantics believed that human experiences were best experienced with the world, asserting the importance of one individual, but also the nature.

The Neoclassicism Era dominated European literature until the end of the 18th Century. It was during a direction of order and restraint, right after the Renaissance. The neoclassicists were influenced by the “ideal” forms of art from the classical times. The way that the Neoclassicists respected the previous artworks from the classical era taught them to be conservative towards art and...