Roman Inspired Renaissances

What are the major differences among the Carolingian, Macedonian, and Islamic Renaissances? What makes each unique? Also discuss how these three different cultures remained clearly Roman-inspired.

There are some major differences among the Carolingian, Islamic, and Macedonian Renaissance periods.   What makes these periods unique is the renewed emphasis on the arts and education.   These periods, for each culture, were very much Roman inspired and allowed for the birth of new ideas.

The Carolingian Renaissance took place from 790-900.   This cultural period was shorter in comparison to the Macedonian and Islamic Renaissance eras.   This period of time was used as a “revival of learning designed to enhance the glory of the kings, educate their officials, reform the liturgy, and purify the faith” (Hunt, Martin and Rosenwein 287-288).   This period of time was used to restore the learning of past cultures.   Charlemagne ordered that the churches teach reading and writing to all who could be taught.   There was great hope during this time that education would be spread among everyone not just the elite.   Even today we see the influence of this era in that modern letter fonts originated during this time based upon Caroline minuscule, which was created to make handwriting more legible (Hunt, Martin and Rosenwein 287-288).

The Islamic Renaissance took place from 790-1050.   This renaissance was a lot broader than the Macedonian, taking place all over the Islamic world.   “The library at Cordoba contained the largest collection of books in Europe at this time” (Hunt, Martin and Rosenwein 281-283).   During this time Muslims created schools called Madrasas.   These schools were the equivalent of universities and typically were attached to the Mosques.   These schools only educated the Male elite and middle class.   They studied the classics of Persia, India and Greece and translated the works of ancient philosophers. They also had the opportunity to study astronomy, math and...