Roles and Responsibities of a Tutor

Roles and Responsibilities of a tutor
“A statement of your teaching role , responsibilities and boundaries including a review of how you have demonstrated the following in your teaching and learning sessions so far.”

In this TP1 essay I will identify the roles and responsibilities that teachers are required to follow in their professional role as a teacher. I shall also highlight the constraints and boundaries that I need to adhere to when carrying out teaching.
There are eight main criteria’s within which the roles and responsibilities fall and so these are highlighted drawing references from various books and websites.

I am qualified as a holistic therapist and therefore hope to design and conduct a course that will enhance the quality of life of individuals through learning how to care for their physical   body through (mind, body and spirit) a progression learning of beauty and holistic therapy.

I would like to introduce various areas of beauty and holistic therapies at an introductory level for students to gain a platform/ foundation to their potential progression into future educational and career pathway or for personal use. Great amount of preparation and planning is carried out to ensure that the delivery of each session flows smoothly, as students pick up on sessions that are unprepared and thus they   lose respect and credibility of their teacher. To do this successfully I have used the guidelines set out by the LLUK page 10 domain DK.   Most of this teaching is carried out in a comfortable manner at a pace to suit each individual and ensuring that flexibility is offered to cater for specific needs. As major part of this teaching requires a practical demonstration it is useful to back this up with good quality handouts for the theory of each. Health and safety plays a very important part as most of these assignments requires the student to carry out practical assessments on another being.
Delivery methods I use within my sessions vary and are...