T1 Responsibilities and Boundaries

Five roles or responsibilities which a Tutor should have.

      • To motivate.
      • Record Keeping
      • Preparing Lessons
      • To be responsible professionally
      • To educate


Motivation is a key quality a teacher should be able to provide when teaching. Keeping the students motivated will in turn make the lesson more interesting and enjoyable for the student and teacher. Geoffrey Petty (2nd edition p35) states that “if you know how to motivate students you can hugely increase their learning rate “.
Motivation can be done in different ways and has to be relevant to whom you are teaching. For example if   you were teaching younger students you could get them to convert text messages into correct English grammar as mobile phone use is so popular with young   people.
In my professions as cooking is a practical subject, the more involved the students are cooking for themselves the more interested they are in the subject and so when doing the theory part of the subject they can relate back to the dishes they have made. To get the students motivated I would tell them all about the ingredients used in the recipes, get them to touch and taste the ingredients keeping them involved all the way through the process of making the dish. The more involved they are I believe that the interest and motivation is maintained.

Record keeping

It is important to keep records of your student’s progress and what you are going to teach. This could be done by making a file which contains all your lesson plans, handouts and assignments. You can also make files which contain all the records for your students including application forms, interview notes, action plans and assessment records. Geoffrey Petty (2nd edition p382) states that “the records kept by teachers include schemes of work, lesson plans and most importantly marks for each student”. Record keeping is also useful as there may be some days you are...