Role of Assessor

As an assessor I must ensure that I am working towards A1 standards at all times. I must assess work fairly and make accurate judgements of evidence to ensure standards of criteria are met. I will remain professional at all times, keeping regular contact and good communication with   all candidates with regard to appointments, plans, etc. I support and guide each candidate by producing planning sheets, carrying out professional discussions and providing feedback. All candidates are given written and verbal feedback regularly. Feedback given to a candidate should always be positive feedback as well as negative feedback so candidates do not lose confidence in their abilities. I adhere to the Equality and Diversity policy, treating all candidates fairly and equally at all times. I maintain a good rapport with all candidates by being polite and friendly, using open body language to ensure I am approachable. I am aware of each candidate’s individual capabilities and the plans I set are tailored to reflect this in order to be sure the candidates do not feel overwhelmed by the tasks set before them. I do, however, ensure that each plan set is adequate to enable the candidate to complete what is required in a timely manner to complete their diploma. I ensure each piece of work completed by a candidate includes the candidate’s name, City and Guilds registration number, date and signature and also my signature as an assessor upon assessment of the piece of work. I ensure that each candidate’s portfolio of evidence is available for internal verification a minimum of three times throughout the course, more if requested. I also ensure the candidate’s portfolio of evidence is available for external verification if requested.