Role of a Teacher, Responsibilities

1 - Describe what your role, responsibilities, and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle.

The role of a trainer is to, educate the learner, facilitate learning, offer guidance, provide support, and ensure that the programme is delivered.   The trainer has responsibilities to the learners to ensure that they receive the best possible education from the training or teaching experience, and to the establishment that employs them to ensure standards are met and targets achieved.  

The role of a trainer begins long before they enter a classroom or training room.   It is essential that they are methodical in their approach by preparing for their sessions in advance.   A trainer must have an up-to-date understanding of the subject they are teaching and an understanding of the needs of the learners.   They need to establish if any of the learners have special needs in relation to physical difficulties or learning difficulties to ensure that all members of the group can fully participate.

In preparing for the lesson, it is essential to book a venue and establish if the venue is appropriate for the subject being taught, as an example there is no point teaching chemistry in a gymnasium. Similarly it would be inappropriate to book a facility with no toilets etc.   It is good practice to complete an inventory of what is needed for the lesson (equipment etc) and make sure the resources are available before completing the course or lesson plan.

A trainer’s role is to produce a lesson plan or scheme of work (SOW) with clearly defined aims and outcomes, which will provide the appropriate information for the participants to achieve the goal.   They must make sure there is sufficient time to deliver the information and be able to aim at all levels of learner again ensuring that all students can participate on all levels.

Good administration will ensure that the lesson or course takes place without any problems.   It will be the...