Roles of a Teacher

Preparing to teach in the lifelong sector.

Write approx 200 words on the role, responsibilities and boundaries of a teacher.

The roles, responsibilities and boundaries will differ depending on a number of things, depending on the sector, age and development needs off the class they are teaching.   As with all teachers the main roles and responsibilities will be the same, although there would be slight differences, dependant on different factors.

The main role and responsibilities of any teacher is to provide a teaching program that would be tailored to support each learners individual needs, as well as meeting the group or class needs as a whole, here they would need to assess each learner’s needs and decide on a plan in which would best suit their learning needs, teachers should also be aware of different peoples preferred styles of learning, as again each person is an individual and no two people will learn in the same way, this is important to provide equal rights to learning, to make it a positive experience for learners.   By understanding learners individual learning styles it allows the teacher to be aware of what motivates learners, leading to the teacher being able to identify different teaching methods that could be used throughout the sessions, to ensure learners have a positive approach to their learning.

Teachers should deliver and facilitate their program in a way that encourages debate and communication between the groups.   Continuous assessment is needed, assessment on how the group is learning, to evaluate and improve the quality and effectiveness of how the session is working, but also to use assessment as a tool of reflection for the teacher him / herself to find areas they can improve on, doing this will give opportunity to the teacher to re-evaluate teaching method’s, programs or assessment to improve delivery.  

An important role and responsibility of any teacher is to provide a safe, interesting and stimulating environment, to...