Road to Perdition

The Road of Perdition sets in the early Depression era Chicago. Being involved in the mafia comes with the perks of protection, power and money but anything that has negative effects towards the collective family results in instant death. Sam Mendes insinuated using the different identities and motifs to explore the social insight or two can be found lurking in the shadows to the audiences.

Cineaste’s most important contribution to Road to Perdition was an effects shot that marks a crucial thematic transition. At the opening scene shows the audience the identities of life, like upon reflation can establish our identity. The photographer used the long and mid shot taking the boy’s back and saying “this was our story” , The boy was standing in front of the sea, reflecting on his future life’s journey and the experience he and his father had in the past   6 weeks on the road. Through the dialog, it shows the indicates distance in the relationship between father and son , they just had the conversation through the windows or in reflation ,but after the warehouse case there was changes, they became more closer as they helped each other, talking each other face by face and they huge each other. The experience which Michaels’s journey to become an adult in the future, the love and care from his family in the past.  

In the other hand, the story also expresses the identity of discovering our identity is a challenging journey. At the opening credit sequence, the movie viewer saw Michael junior riding his bike down a snowy hill and towards the end of the sequence he plays and lied in the snow, then the bike was riding in the opposite way of the adults who were walking and the snow was stopped.The techniques which had been used in here was the lighting , it was bright and it used the symbolism of snow and bike.   The bike was a symbol of Michael’s childhood identity. He rides it early in the film among the snow. Later it is left abandoned in the darkness. The road he...