Unit 1 Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Explain the way in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, and which underpin behavior and respect for others

All learners require rules and boundaries to have appropriate behavior and to understand and have respect for the different diversity of the learners. Ground rules should be put in to account before any teaching begins. The rules made will also apply to the tutor/trainer as well as to the learners/students.

As part of my induction session, the ground rules come in to it, I have designed my session were the learners themselves work in teams to gather what they feel should be ground rules, they do that as a group task. I would give them a marker and a big sheet of paper, where they can make a brain storm, and then they would deliver that to the class. We listen to all the groups, and the groups will come up and write on the board. I feel this is a good way of setting ground rules, as it feels that they have decided on the rules the learners want to keep to. Once we have gone through the groups, if they have missed any of the rules, I would add the missing rules. All the learners get a copy of the set of rules. We also display a poster of the ground rule in all the classrooms.
Here are some examples of ground rules:
• Arriving on time – Negotiable if there is an valid reason
• Respecting health and safety regulations- Mandatory
• Switching off mobile 'phones- Mandatory
• Not interrupting other learners- Mandatory
• Respecting other people's contributions- Mandatory
• Only having one conversation at a time in the class. - Negotiable