Rice Planting Machine

Rice planting machine,also called rice transplanter or paddy planting machine.it is a revolution in agricultural field.do you want to free yourself from the tedious working of planting paddy hy hand?if yes,our rice planting machine is used to plant seedlings onto paddy filed automatically,which is save considerable time and labor,so it is the best choice for farmers. rice planting machine: http://www.ms-machinery.net/rice-planting-machine.html

There are optional models with different working rows to meet customer's requirement.Our rice planting machine have 6 rows,8 rows and 10 rows.the row to row distance can be 200mm,300mm,238mm.the spacing in the rows can be 120mm,140mm,160mm,and 190mm.the rice planting machine is the driving type,it is driven by 175 diesel engine,the engine can be driven by manual start or electric start.the fuel consumption is about 284kg per hour.the engine rotation rate can be 2600 r/min.Also there are optional functions,such as,double wheel,hydrualic and plastic floating board and four lever transplanting distance,etc. industrial washing machine: http://www.ms-machinery.net/industrial-washer.html

Our rice planting machine has many advantages.the new adjustable humanity design sea makes the machine operate more confortable and durable.new-stainless steel seedling box make it more anti-corruption.it has high planting speed but stable,easy operation,quick and easy moving,storing and maintenance and durable in use.

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