Every individual has a moment in their life where they have a sudden revelation, which may affect them in a positive or a negative way. Well judging by my general statement, you might be thinking that I had a sudden revelation at one point in my life that was so important that I had to share it. Yes I had a revelation, Am I eager to share? No, not really, but it was important, and still is. Sadly my realization did not spark a euphoric light within me, nor did I feel the sensation of happiness bubbling in my chest. it actually did quite the opposite, as the lights dimed and flickered, a cold icy sensation gnawed within my stomache and consumed me whole. Was the realization mind blowing? Devastating? Heartbreaking? No, not at all. After such a discovery, the binding touch of cold, turned lukewarm, but the light stayed dim , but the flickering absent. Yes, the feeling of grey confounded me, as I found it an appropriate reaction for my realization. Surprisingly, my newfound feeling and attitude, faded slightly and took a twisted turn; the grey lost its color and turned white. Although the color is different, I still feel the grey even though it is silhouetted by the white. White is a fun color,as you can splash any colors on it and be that color, then wash it off later. Now many would be staring at me oddly, as I went from a revelation to colors.