Rock and Roll

Claire Huber

The birth of Rock and Roll changed America forever. Rock and Roll inspired many things and people. It changed the way people thought, the way people dressed, and, over all, the way people lived.
Rock and Roll reflected society in a couple of ways. First, Rock and Roll was the first music that wasn’t put under a racial stereotype. Both black and white singers and musicians are known for singing Rock and Roll, and they are both equally successful. At the same time as the birth of Rock and Roll, African American civil rights were a major issue. Many public places were becoming integrated, just like the radios. Also, the change in tempos and style of music went along with the change in a generation. With a new generation out and ready to live after the WII, teenagers wanted something new and modern, and Rock and Roll was the solution.
Some issues portrayed in the film are mostly based on race and what was considered to be obscene nature. To start, African Americans, regardless of their freedom in the music world, still faced a lot of oppression in the regular world. They often got into trouble with the law. For example, Chuck Berry was arrested for some offenses against the Mann Act, which prohibits transportation of females for immoral purposes. He was sentenced to five years in jail. To continue, since Rock and Roll was such a new invention, many of the older generation thought a lot of it was obscene and scandalous. For example, Elvis Presley is known for his dance moves and his “gyrations” that was considered immoral. He faced a lot of regulation when it comes to his performing on television. In fact, he was filmed from the waste up. It didn’t do anything because every girl was still in love with him.
Today, music represents a lot of different things. To begin, there a lot more genres, which represent a lot of different ideas and beliefs. America is more open to different types of music. Every single person listens to different kinds of music...