Resistance to Change

Overcoming Resistance to Organizational Change Initiatives

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Abstract Title Overcoming Resistance to Organizational Change Initiatives Abstract Employees have many reasons to fear change initiatives, including the survival of their job or their ability to adapt to whatever is new. However, the failure for an organization and its members to continuously change and improve will spell the end of the organization as a whole. It is essential for managers to understand the problems of identifying organizational problems, identifying solutions, and implementing and refining organizational change. The crux of this report is the importance of engaging and involving employees, creating a democratic environment to involve all members in designing, modifying, and implementing organizational change.

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Table of Contents Table of Contents Introduction Why Companies Fail to Overcome Resistance to Organizational Change Organizational Impact in Failing to Overcome Resistance to Organizational Change Overcoming Resistance to Change is Important to HR Personnel Best Practices to Address Resistance to Change Skills and Competencies to Address Resistance to Change Summary and Conclusion References i 1 1 2 3 3 7 9 10

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Introduction There is much written about organizational change and the reasons that people resist change. It has been said that people do not resist change but resist being changed. Individuals are content with the status quo. Few people really want to go through the trouble of learning new things. It is easiest to stick with what is known. In order to overcome the resistance to change, the workforce must be convinced that the change is needed, the problem is real, and the change will solve the problem. The change process must be...