Resetting Management, Marketing and Human Resources for Failling Company

1.0 Introduction
Golden Myanmar Group of companies is one of the leading companies for many industries in Myanmar. Last month, we acquired Asia Best Link Company (ABL) which head-quarter is located in S-17, U Chit Maung Housing, West Horse Racing Road, Tamwe, is a medium size company, had successful in the past, has been in this industry for four years, yet the reputation drops slowly due to the internal weaknesses, for the business expansion. ABL was successful in the past two years since they captured the customers’ satisfaction by providing the best service in the industry in the very beginning. Moreover, the customers were enthusiastic about having the security equipment for their personal or private belongings. This ABL Company currently has 73 employees and the employees are highly motivated in the early years of the business first established.
During the budget year (2011-2012), the business gets the 35% of the market share. But in this budget year, the market share drops form 35% to 20% due to the poor service, customers’ dissatisfaction, less motivated employees and not having the clear and specific vision, mission, and objectives which are the essential process in running a business.   So we set the new vision, mission and objective for our organization’s growth.   The chart below shows the market share of the same business in this industry.

2.0 Task 1
2.1 Situational analysis
-To provide safe, well-maintained and comfortable facilities that complements and promotes our dynamic environment.
- To provide meaningful protection to members and their families against contingencies.
- To help people in preventing the risks of everyday life and in recovering from unexpected loss.
- To protect the life and property of the customers we serve.
- To have a strong and firm relationship with our stakeholders by building up mutual understanding and trust.
Our vision is to be the best and most successful security company in Yangon and...