There is no hope in doing perfect research: do you agree?

Well it is quit obvious that research is a very heavy word to describe because it takes lots of concept to get incorporated with in it. If we think of the day before yesterday, you can hardly recognize the rise and fall of the day and all that happened in the entire day. So to think about the events that took place is it self a research. So research can be any thing that effect or affect the world around us in the form of discovery or invention that which is close to the contemporary world where people as a whole can visualize and can get its utility.

So the work of researcher is very optimistic, the moment he/she does the research, s/he thinks that either this is a new topic or no one has worked out on it and can not include ant new thing to it and for this reason s/he brings all sort of available matter to prove his hypothesis and brings a revolution in its findings. For example the Wright brothers, the mighty creator of airplane and the moment they thought to make such a thing it was quit out of imagination but they could because they went deep into the thought to make a fantasy   convert into a reality and the inspiration they got from for this was the flying bird. So they saw the bird and did the research and then made the impossible airplane. The next consequence is the journey to fine sophisticated airplanes to the impossible rockets. So coming to the point that doing a research is of no use or hope, well I don’t agree to it completely.

It may be true for that person who is doing research on a topic but is completely wrong for the followers because it is like the inspiration from the research piece so that they further find or give more findings. Just like the example of Wright brothers and their inventions which gave way to the current history of air communications.

Yet again if we take the examples of the few people who do continuous research in there on field of study, they try always...