Tattoos and Minors
Making an Informed Decision

Tattoos and Minors
Making an Informed Decision
    Minors, to get a tattoo or not get a tattoo? That is the question. My daughter asked me during a recent conversation if I would give her permission to get a tattoo. I immediately replied no. My daughter asked why not? So, I asked my daughter what does she know about tattoos? My daughter explained that tattoos are away to express herself, that tattoos can be a little painful to get, they are permanent, and tattoos are artwork. I have seen some nice artwork in the form of tattoos. I have also seen a few that were not so nice. In this literature the following information will be given:
  1. The definition of a tattoo.
  2. The laws that govern tattooing.
  3. What to look for when selecting a tattooing establishment.
  4. The health and safety risk associated with tattoos.
  5. Changes in the appearance in the tattoo that may occur.
  6. An alternative to getting a permanent tattoo..
While minors view tattoos as a way to express themselves, tattoos are considered permanent and minors may not have all the needed information to make an informed decision regarding getting a tattoo.
The Definition of a Tattoo.
    “A   tattoo is defined as any indelible design, letter, scroll, figure, symbol or other mark place with the aid of needles or other instruments”. (Indiana State Department of Health [ISDH], 2007)   “A tattoo also is defined as any design, letter, scroll, figure, and symbol done by scarring on or under the skin”. ([ISDH], 2007) To create a   tattoo one would do so by using a needle connected to a gun like machine which has tubes filled with permanent ink that punctures the skin repeatedly. When the needle punctures the skin small drops of ink is inserted into the skin. For larger tattoos the process may take several hours to complete. Some tattoos may cause some bleeding and discomfort. Even with the discomfort of getting a tattoo the art work can...