Research Propsal

Research Proposal
Contrena Wright
STR/581 Strategic Planning and Implementation
September 29, 2011
Dr. Ray Benedetto

Research Proposal
My research proposal paper involves one of the most well known leading companies that purchase and sell high quality whole bean coffees, Starbucks. They sell the traditional regular coffee and frappuccino, espresso, and passion lemonade teas. They also sell sandwiches, pastries, coffee mugs, and accessories with the Starbucks logo on them. Starbucks mission is to be more than just a coffee shop; they want to be a responsible business that builds a relationship with their employees and customers.
Validating the vision, mission and value statement
By using the company’s website I will understand the company’s mission and vision statement in more depth.   Understanding the company’s employee culture and social environment is something I will get into on my class paper.   I will go in-depth trying to find whether or not this company is living up to their mission statement, by visiting at least three Starbucks locations.   I have not found a vision statement for the company; but Starbucks does have a vision statement for their employees. The vision statement will be discussed more after I have talked to a few of the company’s employees and research the company to view a visions statement.   I will be completing my environmental scan by using the Starbucks website, other online websites, and newspaper articles on the web and visiting my neighborhood Starbucks at three locations on 87th and the Dan Ryan expressway, 53rd and Kenwood, and the State Street location on 35th. I will be researching Starbucks SWOT analysis. By using this company’s SWOT I will be explaining the company’s internal and external environments.

External Environmental Analysis
My external focus will be the company’s opportunities, threats, and survey questions at the Starbuck location of my choice. The newspaper articles will let me understand the company at...