Research Plan

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A Research Plan

Part I – Research Problem

Think about something in psychology that you would be interesting in studying. You can select a topic from what you’ll be studying in this course or another topic that seems intriguing to you.

Respond to the following in 50 to 75 words:
|Identify your research problem and describe it. What about this topic interests you?                                                         |
|The reaserch problem I chose to study is does the temperature in a baby’s formula effect how much he/she consumes. I am curious to know if   |
|babies prefer formula cold, warm, or at room temperature. This topic interest me because I have read multiple articles that states babies   |
|should be fed formula at three temperatures. I would like to know which temperatured formula babies enjoy most, and will consume more of.   |

Part II – The Scientific Method

Consider the scientific method and complete the following table explaining each step of the scientific method in your own words. Please use complete sentences to write 25 to 50 words describing each step.

|Step                                               |Description                                                                             |
|Formulate a testable hypothesis                     |A hypothesis is an educated guess or prediction that gives an explaination for a         |
|                                                   |measurable result. To formulate a testable hypothesis, the question must be stated to   |
|                                                   |show if the subject is true or false. The hypothesis tells what will or will not happen |
|                                                   |is a given situation.                                                                   |
|Select the research method and design the study     |This step discusses the best way to test the hypothesis. Usually there...