Ctlls E&D

Unit 1 Equality and diversity.

Equality and diversity can mean different things to different people and organisations. The term equality and diversity is defined best, in my opinion, as the prevention and elimination of discrimination between persons. I believe the importance of incorporating equality and diversity into the teaching and learning organisations is high as this will encourage minority groups to get involved. It also provides all learners with a fair and enjoyable environment to learn and fulfil their potential.

“education and training providers should take account of learners’ circumstances and needs in helping them fulfil their potential”
(Equality and human rights commission website 2008)

By mainstreaming equality and diversity into the workplace it has a positive effect on maximising the potential of both the staff and the students as it encourages them to value the different ethnic, religious and social backgrounds of others. This diverse group of people can be used to the advantage of the organisation by offering different views, ideas and opinions from a variety of sources. In my opinion it is these differences in us all that help us to innovate and think creatively.

“through multicultural education they can teach their students to value cultures different from their own”


The implementation of compulsory awareness sessions for students and staff is a good way of raising people’s awareness of the many disabilities and learning difficulties that learners within their organisation may have. It is also a good opportunity to introduce members of the team to the numerous groups which are available to offer advice and support with individual’s special needs. Conditions such as autism and turrets could easily be mistaken for arrogance, uncooperative or threatening behaviour which then may result in arguments and fighting within the group.
Inequality takes many forms which include discrimination in relation to race,...