Research Methodology P1

Understand research methodologies relevant to health and social care!!!!!!!!!!

Quantitative date
Quantitative data is information about quantities that is information that can be measured and written down with numbers. The advantages of quantitative data is that it simple to study, also a disadvantage is that you need to study a large amount of people to get a accurate result. 
Quantitative has advantage and disadvantage the advantage is that when the research data is collected its simply based on number and it’s a lot easier to collect and place together into a form or a chart. Also when it comes to placing it into graphs and charts it’s a lot easier to read, because if it’s placed in a pie chart it is also simple to read. An advantage is that because it’s all based on figures its not always up to date, so therefore it usually in need on constant t need of updating because numbers change.
Qualitative data:
Qualitative data is the reverse of quantitative data however it is expressed in a non-numerical way like having open and ended questions. The disadvantages of qualitative data is it v for someone to analyse and detect patterns. An advantage is issues and subjects covered can be evaluated in depth and in detail.
An example of quantitative data question is what ad is more appealing?
An example of qualitative data question is which part of the experience did you enjoy and was the best?
Types of research:
Types of research are two and they are primary ad secondary research:
Primary research:
Primary research is when you go out to collect new data.
I will explain questionnaires in more detail questionnaires are a group of questions that need to be answered it is there to collect information about different topics.
Open questions make qualitative data and example would be what kinds of things make you stressful in college?
Closed questions make quantitative data and example would be what is your gender?
The advantages of questionnaires is that they...