Research Methodology Assignment

Department of Business & Arts
Lovely Professional University
Research Proposal
Perception of youth towards brands & private label apparels in LPU
Homework Title/No: - 1       Course code: MGN206         Semester: - Fourth
Course Instructor: Mr.Ravinder Singh         Course Title: - Research Methodology
Date of Allotment: - 2014/01/22                             Date of submission: - 2014-02-21
Section No. : - Q2206                                                                 Class: B.B.A   4TH sem
Name of Student’s: - P. Aditya vardhana                     Registration No. : - 11202418
    Tarun Bhasker   11201697                  
                                    Pema Yangki   11201616
    Kinley gyem   11202402
    Damini   11201770
    Raghav goyal   11201656                                

                                                                  I would like to express my special thanks of gratitude to my teacher Mr. Ravinder Singh as well as our H.O.D of Management Department of Lovely Professional University Miss. Sheetal who gave me the golden opportunity to do this wonderful research proposal on the topic “Perception of youth towards Branded & Private label clothes in LPU”, which also helped me in doing a lot of Research and I came to know about so many new things
I am really thankful to them.
                                      Last but not least I wish to avail myself of this opportunity, express a sense of gratitude and love to my friends and my beloved parents for their manual support, strength, and help and for everything place. I would also like to thank who helped me a lot in finishing this project within the limited time.

I am making this project not only for marks but to also increase my knowledge. THANKS AGAIN TO ALL WHO HELPED ME...