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Business Decision Making

Assessment Brief
Unit and Assessment Details Course Title: Unit Number: Unit Title: Assessor: Internal Verifier: Assessment Title: Assessment Method: Assessing in: Number of Words: Outcomes Covered: Issue Date: Pre-Submission Date: Due Date: Feedback to Learner Date: HND Business 06 Business Decision Making Syeda Sana Naseem Bilal Ahmad Collecting, analyzing and presenting data in appropriate format Report Individually 4500 (Max 20 pages) 3 (Outcomes 1,2,3) 12-April-2011 5-May, 18-May, 31-May-2011 3-June-2011 30-June-2011

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Business Decision Making Purpose and Aim This assessment will give learners the opportunity to examine a variety of data sources. For any of the given scenarios, they will collect data from different sources by using variety of methods, and will use spreadsheets and other software for data analysis and the preparation of information in an effective manner. Conclusions on the basis of data analysis are required to clarify the importance and use of different data analysis techniques. Scenario Suppose you are appointed as an assistant to a research executive for a marketing agency. Several clients have contacted your company to conduct research study for their upcoming projects. The research executive has made a panel that will be responsible for the research analysis of these projects. Being a member of that panel you are given a task to conduct analysis for any one of the clients. List of these upcoming projects is as follows: 1. Edwardes College Peshawar wishes to examine the attitudes of its current and potential visitors towards its website. 2. Nestle company is thinking to launch a new product i.e....