Research Critique



This article will critique the study by Cook, Green and Topp —‘exploring the impact of physician verbal abuse on perioperative nurses’. Overall speaking, this is a well conducted and interesting study. The strength of this study is the use of Roy Adaptation Model as the framework. The data collection as well as data analysis closely followed the guidelines given by the model. The thoughts in the discussion session provide the readers a clear understanding of the study. Limitation lays at the recruitment step. Only about half of the sent out questionnaires were received with responses and in total 39% of the sample were used for data analysis. This might result in biased sampling.


A title is a study’s window to the world. Therefore it should be interesting and complete in order to convey the important elements of a study (Holmi & Liewellyn, 1986). The title of this report is brief (10 words), concise and clear. From the title, the reader can get all the key information, focus of the study (impact), phenomenon of interest (physician verbal abuse) and the target population (perioperative nurses).


An abstract is helpful in determining whether the article is of relevant for a selected topic. Crosby (1990) stated that an abstract is a clear and concise summary of a study. It ranges from 100 to 250 words and usually includes the study purpose, design, setting, sample size, results and conclusion (Burns & Grove, 1995). The abstract of this report is very brief, but it is informative. It well summarizes the study by providing the objective, basis of the study design, description of the study sample, key result, and conclusion.

Research Questions

This is a nonexperimental descriptive study which means a clear and concise problem statement is the key. Obviously, the author has a good skill in doing so. With a brief background clearly stating the need and importance of such a research, the objective of...