Report on Pr

1.0. Introduction:
In every organization, human resource contributes a very important role. It is the essential part of the organization that is concerned with the “people” dimension. Like other organizations, Prime Bank Limited has a very strong and efficient human resource department. Human resource is the principal component of an organization. It is defined as “from the national point of view; the knowledge skills, creative abilities, talents and aptitudes obtained in the population;” whereas “from the view point of the individual enterprise, they represent the total of the inherent abilities, acquired knowledge and skills as exemplified in the talents and aptitudes of its employees”. For the proper management of human resource and progress of the bank, the bank follows some policies which come under human resource policy or human resource management. So, human resource management is the management of people to achieve individual behavior and performance that will enhance an organization’s effectiveness. Human resource management (HRM) encourages individuals to set personal goals and rewards, guiding them to shape their behavior in accordance with the objectives of the organization that employ them.

To keep the employees in maximum efficient state, the organization follows some motivational factors. Promotion is one of them. Promotion is a term which covers a change and calls for greater responsibilities and usually involves higher pay and better terms and conditions of service and therefore higher status rank. A promotion may be defined as an upward advancement of an employee in an organization to another job, which commands better pay/ wages, better status/ prestige and higher opportunities/ challenges, responsibility and authority, better working environment, hours of work and facilities and a higher rank.

1.1. Origin of the Report:
This report on the topic “HRM Practices Of Prime Bank Limited” has been prepared during the internship period covering...