Replacing a Power Supply

Replacing a Power Supply (PSU)

Replacing the power supply may be hard for a person who has never done so before.   The reason being is the vast amount of connections this project entails.   In this manual, we will cover the correct way to replace your power supply.  
Safety is Always First
You must first unplug the power cable from the back of the computer.   This is an important and vital part of replacing your PSU.   This will ensure you are not still getting an electric current from the source.
  * Remove the cover from the case
      * This will vary from brand to brand
      * You may only need to remove the side cover
  * Remove the screws that hold the power supply in place
      * Leave the connections connected and set the power supply on top of the drive cage ( this way you can replace the connections one at a time and will not miss   any)
  * Put the new power supply in place and ensure the screws are secure
  * Next start with the mother board connections and replace them with the connections from new PSU
  * Then you go through and replace the CD, DVD, and hard drive connectors with the new PSU connectors as well as any other components you have connected
  * If your leads are longer than you need tie them off with a wire tie to keep them from flopping and getting into your heatsink or fan
  * Finally make sure all of your connections are connected and replace the case cover – making sure to also replace the screws.