Religion: Place in the Modern World

Does religion have a place in the modern world?

Religion always has played a role within the world, past and present. Religion has been used in ancient time; people and societies were intensely religious, they gave us practises and beliefs that are still in use today. Today religion does have a place in the modern world, with some popular religions including Christianity, Islam, Hindu and Buddhism. My opinion won’t change on how religion plays a role in my life. For people who lived in the ancient times, religion was literally a part of life.

People lead their lives be their faith, and did whatever was needed to stay on the path of righteousness. There’s no answer that will say how large of a role religion played in the ancient world. When we think of 'ancient world' we know it encompasses many centuries, perhaps over three millennia, during which time religions evolved, as they did so did their impact on societies. The ancient Egyptians for example were a very religious culture, having two important religious stories which explained the world around them. Even the people of Mesopotamians believed in gods and goddesses, participating in sacrificial rituals to keep them pleased. Ancient religions aren’t as so much practised today, but some of their beliefs are still in use today.

In religions we tend to find that some beliefs have been passed through generations, and have found themselves heavily attached to their specific religion. In the case of Aboriginal region, it has somewhat survived and evolved over time, with elders still sharing stories especially of ‘The Dreaming’. In Hinduism, many Hindus are expected to go through the four sacred parts of their lives, for one’s fulfilment. We also see in some of the religions in the Middle East, like Islam and Muslim there are also practised today. These religions, of which not many survive, have given light to the religion we see today.

Around four in five people of the world now are religious in some...