Religion Has Lost Its Credibility in the Modern World.

Religion has lost its credibility in the modern world.

Religion has been around since the beginning of time. It is seen as the light for man, guiding him through the world. Religion can be defined as a set of beliefs s, practices and philosophical values shared by a group of people.   Over the years, religion has seemed to lose its importance, however, it is not completely true that religion has lost its significance.  

The influence of religion has undoubtedly changed in recent times.   Persons no longer rely on religion for unknown phenomena. Science and technology has taken over that aspect. This just shows that religion has been relegated to a secondary , less important position in today’s society . People are now obsessed with acquiring wealth, glory and fame; blatantly disregarding the preaching of most religions where which emphasizes on how one should be content with a simple life and not be tempted by an endless pursuit of material pleasures.

The advent of the technology age resulted in cyber interaction and with today’s youth being more tech savvy than ever, their thoughts has been warped by the many different views of other persons.   Most times, these different perspectives might condemn religions and alter the way religious persons may think. For example, persons no longer value their chastity as before where persons would be severely punished for fornicating. Religion is viewed as “shackles” to young people and if this trend is to continue, then religion will certainly lose its credibility in the modern world.

Although religion has lost much of its former glory and importance, it would be foolish to state that the significance of religion has been completely eradicated in modern day society. A lot of problems in the world are started because of religion for example the September 11 attacks, because if disputes between two religions.   Many politicians hold onto power because of religion. They have the full support of religious persons that...