Religion Personal Perspectives Paper

The first dimension of religion is ritual or practical. This dimension concentrates on the practices of religion such as worship, praying, regular gatherings, or rites of passage. My first example would be how our family worships. We try to attend church every Sunday, but there have been times that we weren’t able to attend due to our children being sick, family emergencies, thing of that nature. However, if we are not able to make it on Sunday, we watch Joel Osteen Ministries. If we know that we will miss church for whatever reason, we attend on Wednesday evenings. This is usually a smaller group, but it is still a nice service. As well as attending church once a week, we read the bible as a family together for an hour every evening. My fiancé and I read ours, and our children have a children’s bible that they read from. Once the hour is over, we come together, and discuss what we have read. Our oldest child, has the most questions, which in turn, makes the other children more interested. While my fiancé works out of state two weeks out of the month, another way we worship, is making time for each other while he is gone. He attends church where he is working, and myself and children attend our local church. Afterwards, we get together on Skype and discuss as a family what was said during the sermons. We try to make sure that worship each week of some sort is incorporated regardless of whether we are together or not.
The second dimension of religion is doctrinal or philosophical. This dimension concentrates on providing rational for many of the practices and ideas of the religion such as the Trinity. My first example would be how our family follows Christian creeds. Now, since we are nondenominational, many people question if we have creeds. Yes, and no. We do have a creed, however, we don’t acknowledge an ancient creed. We use the Apostle’s Creed, which is as follows:
I believe in God, the Father Almighty,
the Creator of heaven and earth,
and in Jesus...