What Effect Does John Marsden and Delbert Mann's Use of the First Person Perspective in ‘Tomorrow When the War Began’ and ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ Have on the Text?

|What effect does John Marsden and Delbert Mann’s use of the first person perspective in ‘Tomorrow When the War Began’ and ‘All|
|Quiet on the Western Front’ have on the text?                                                                                 |
|Paired Text Interpretation                                                                                                     |
|                                                                                                                               |

Tomorrow When the War Began written by John Marsden and All Quiet on the Western Front directed by Delbert Mann are two different texts with one common feature; they both use the first person perspective to get in touch with the reader. The areas, which are focused on and use first person perspective, are personal insight, structure and realism. Each idea helps give the different perspective through the main character in both texts.

In Tomorrow When the War Began John Marsden uses the first person perspective through the personal insights of the main character Ellie to trigger emotions of the reader. Through Ellie’s narration the audience are presented with different perspectives on her feelings for her friends and relatives. For example, while Ellie was experiencing shivers due to fear, she quotes: “My fear came from love. Love for my friends. I didn’t want to let them down. If I did they would die.” (Chapter. 11, page. 141). Through this quote it is evident that Ellie displays a keen connection with each and every one of her friends, based on love and care. John Marsden has characterised Ellie as a compassionate young lady who places significance in her relationships which provokes a reader’s personal connection to the character, and hence the text.

All Quiet on the Western Front exhibits the emotion spoken by the main character Paul...