Incident report-Dealing with a unsettled client.

On Thursday the 1st of May I was required to deal with an unsettled client.
At approximately 4.30pm   M.C ventured from his room and headed downstairs where he began pacing between the lounge and the kitchen continuously. At the same time M.C was wringing his hands. Both pacing and hand wringing are noted signs of M.C becoming anxious and unsettled.
After notifying the shift leader that M.C was showing unsettled behaviours I proceeded to monitor M.Cs actions closely but from a distance so as to not cause M.C any further stress or anxiousness. I also asked on several occasions what was bothering M.C and was there anything I could do to make him more comfortable or did anything hurt. M.C replied no each time. This is usually all that is needed when M.C is unsettled and he will normally return to his room and watch tv.
This was not the case this time though. M.C became more agitated. He began asking to leave and go home and proceeded to put on his coat and shoes to do so. I reassured M.C that he was home and that he had lived with insight for many years. M.C became more vocal and increased the loudness of his demands to go home. He also began trying the windows and doors on the lower levels of the home in a bid to find a way out. Again I reassured M.C that this was his home where he was safe and happy.
At this point I thought it would be wise for M.C to return to his room for the well being of himself and also the other clients who were witnessing his distress. I placed a supporting hand on M.Cs elbow and used the contact to change his course and guide him back up to his room.
Once back in his room I encouraged M.C to be seated in his favourite arm chair and to be calm using plenty of positive reinforcements and reassurance. I also tried distraction techniques like engaging   him in conversation about his favourite television programmes   and what he might like for his dinner later on. All of these failed to...