Close your eyes, focus on relaxing your body, and putting your mind at ease. Take a deep breath filling your lungs with air very slowly, hold it, open your mouth slightly, and let the air out slowly, and feel yourself relax. Again inhale deeply, expand your chest very slowly, hold it, then slowly breath out, relaxing even more – that’s right. Continue breathing easily, effortlessly, and comfortably, your breathing is consistent and it relaxes you.
      Now you are going to be in a place that helps you relax even more, you are going to be more relaxed than you have ever been before, because you are on the beach. Imagine that now, in your mind, being on the beach, as you stand on the beach, your senses come alive and you notice every detail around you. You look at the white sandy beach and it seems to go out in both directions forever. And you look out over the water, there are waves coming in gently and you notice the colour of the water, it is brilliantly blue, you see water as far as your eyes can see, you look up at the sky and you notice the seagulls flying above, you can hear their calls to each other, you notice how they glide so effortlessly, and you walk closer to the water towards the waters edge, feel the water surround your feet and ankles. The water is warm and refreshing; you wiggle your toes in the sand. It feels good on your bare feet, as you continue relaxing on this beautiful day. I would like you take a moment and inhale deeply through your nose, smell that fragrant salty smell in the air, so relaxing and peaceful, as you exhale through your mouth you realise that salty scents relaxes you completely, it puts your body at ease, it puts your mind at ease, it puts your soul at ease, that fragrant salty smell, so relaxing, so peaceful.
      You take a moment to listen to the soft sounds of the waves as they break on the shore, every wave you see rolls in towards you and relaxes you even more then rolls out, and it seems that when the waves roll...