The Best Way to Relax


“I can do a year's work in nine months, but not in twelve.”
John Pierpont Morgan

We all know how unpleasant excessive stress can be. We face frustration after frustration, become overloaded with job, negotiate with people we don’t want to deal with and do the same routine things we are so tired of. Sometimes you want to take a break, go for a holiday and paint the town red or just to stay alone with yourself.
As for me, I can’t say that being at your own for some time is the best way to relax. It even could be so, but for sure it is not the best way to forget about problems and get rid of stress. In this meaning I can understand extraverts with their passion to communications much better than the last one’s unfortunate psychological antipodes.
I’m inclined to believe that the main thing in such situations is to find an appropriate company.   You can share your free time communicating with different kinds of people having fun, getting intellectual talk and so on. Sometimes the sense is not in things what you are doing, but in the fact that you’re doing it and your ability to enjoy life. And there is still also a place for creativity in spending time and numerous group activities and whatever will it be - friendship feast or some mini-football cup – I believe such things fill life with sense. Such things will never leave you in a company of obsessive thoughts and problems.
To my mind, it's not obliged for people to have a lot of friends in order to be happy. It's enough, as I think, to have one or two friends who are able to understand you and to support you in hard situations. I can let my hair down and know that I’ll be encouraged with a friendly joke, get a hug and with one smile all the problems fly away.
My point is that when you want to have a chance to reflect and to stay by yourself, some refreshment with friends is the best way to stay by yourself.