Related Literature

Related Literature Of Student Information System
Related Literature Of Student Information System

According to Hollands (1997) on his journal entitled: Student Information System explains the need to promote the use of internet based information services among teaching and research staff at a university in the U.K.
According to Lazinger et al. (1997) on their case study entitled: Student Information System in   Herbrew University of Jerusalem conducted a survey of the faculty members they provided data on internet access as of 1995.The results showed higher usage by the members of the faculties of science. Medicine and agriculture than the members of the faculties of social science and humanities.
According to Becker (1998) on his thesis entitled: Student Management Information System   conducted a study on the Internet use by 2250 teachers from public and private schools in the U.S. The study revealed that 90% of the teachers had Internet access. More than half of the teachers (59%) had Internet access at home .A majority of the teachers (68%) used Internet to find information resources for preparing their lesson.
According to Singh (1998) on his case study entitled: Web-Base Monitoring Student Information in University of Malaysia conducted a research study on the use of Internet by the librarians in Malaysia. The main findings of the study indicated that 90% of the respondents used the Internet for work related purposes. Most of the respondents were recent users.
According to Timothy T. Perry, Leslie Anne Perry, Karen Hosack-Curlin (1998) on their thesis entitled: Student Monitoring System investigated this study sought to determine if differences exist among various age groups regarding students’ use of the Internet. Surveys were administered to 548 students from three regional universities in the southeastern USA. Survey responses were then analyzed to determine how many students regularly use the Internet, how many hours per week regular users spend...