Shop Report- Reiss

Conversation Evidence:
After speaking to a member of staff in store, we asked to take photos of their garments. The male shop assistant allowed us to, however a female shop assistant didn’t. this was quite misleading as we were told two different things.
The female staff weren't very helpful or friendly towards us, but we found the male staff to be better.
Customer Questionnaire:
We stood outside of the Reiss store inside the Victoria Quarter and waited for customers to leave. we then approached them and explained what we were doing and if they minded answering a few questionnaire to help with our studies. Most customers seemed fine and answered our questions.
We found there was equally male and females shopping at the store, mostly for themselves aged between 30 and 60 years of age. All were regular shoppers at Reiss and on average spent between £200 each time they shop. Half the people we asked had made a purchase that day, and the other half hadn't. 100% of customers don’t often return items and most believe that Reiss is good value for money. Other shops they seem to shop at include, Karen Millan, Austin Reid, Zara, Next, Boss and Paul Smith. They all seemed to be high end high-street stores.
Reiss Men Store:
After not having much luck in the first store, we went into the Reiss men's store. we found them to be a lot more helpful and friendly towards us. they answered any questions we asked them and gave us magazines and a carrier bag. they also allowed us to take photos in store.
We asked them:
What music they played in store, they said "Little Dragon".
If they know anything about the ethics of Reiss, but they didn’t.
What uniform they had to wear, they wear Reiss clothes but have to wear formal clothing in the tailoring store and are not allowed to wear jeans.
If there were any other stores that did tailoring to fit, they said other than Leeds that London was the only other store.

Our opinions of the store: