Refugee Presentation

Choice of subject
As a refugee myself, the problems and issues that refugees bring to the counselling room have been close to my heart. After studying diversity and cultural sensitivities, it seemed necessary to conclude the subject with some information about refugees.
I recognised the need to explain difference between immigrant and refugee, which seemed to have not been discussed in detail.
I have my own experience as a refugee, and having worked with their issues over 10 years in Sweden gave me the confidence that I needed to be able to work on my presentation.
In this essay my focus will be on the journey that I had to take to make my presentation.
One of the key elements is reflecting on my journey in preparing this work and how it went.
I will focuse on my feelings at different stages.
To understand the subject I will write a short summary of it and explore people’s reaction after hearing the presentation and its effect on me. It is of great importance to reflect on how the presentation was done and how I wish; I had done it.

Research and preparation

I began my research by Googling the word” refugee”. The result was overwhelming. I felt I needed to find a more structured book to begin with. I had some Swedish and German reports and began to go through them. Studing those reports made me to realise the imortance of defining who is refugee and how it is different with immigrant.  
I began to search for research that has been done around the subject. Amazingly, I found out that countries like Sweden and Germany have completed more researchers in the subject than UK. Unfortunately, it proved to be a difficult task to find many works which have been done on the area here. However, it seemed that the majority of refugees’ issues are similar despite their origin and the host country.
Reading some reports such as the (Swedish Government Official Reportentitled The key to Europe- a comparative analysis of entry and asylum policies in...