Reflective Practise

Reflective Practice
Can I Teach English Using A Social Constructivist Approach
  1. Myself as a teacher:
Being new to the education profession having only 4 weeks work experience in school before I began the PGCE Primary course, I am only at the beginning of my journey as a teacher. It is an exciting time for me as I have so many opinions on education and have so many ideas that I believe I can incorporate into my classroom management. My lack of experience in teaching means that a lot of my opinions are based around my memories of being a pupil myself and I see this as a positive thing because being able to view the school system from a child’s point of view is key to making it work effectively.
I enjoyed my own education and I think I achieved fairly well both academically and also in other aspects of school life. I am sure that like most people I had a wide variety of teachers in terms of how well I thought they taught me, and also in how much I respected their management of the pupils and their style of teaching. At this early stage of my teaching career the teachers who I believed to be good or bad will be influences on my own approach to teaching. An example of this is that a couple of teachers who I had in secondary school would spend the whole lesson dictating to the class, or writing on the board while the class copied everything down, without any chance for interaction with the teacher or with the other people in the class. As well as being extremely boring, it wasn’t in my opinion an effective method of getting the class to understand the topics being covered. On the other hand I can also recall some excellent teachers who offered lots of support and encouragement and allowed me to progress very well with the correct sort of guidance.
The development of my skills and knowledge in regards to education is very important to me. Being on a one year course means that I am on a steep learning curve and will have to be very receptive to all of the...