Health and Social Care 302

Assignment 302
Task A


a) What is reflective practise?

It is the ability to reflect on an action/task previously done and potentially learning from it.

b) Why is reflective practise important?

It is an important tool for learning how something can be done and uses personal experience to develop and improve.

c) How reflective practise contributes to improving the quality of service provision.

You can use it to improve the quality of service you provide by thinking about a task you previously done and asking yourself, what could have been done better and how will I do the task next time.

d)How standards can be used to help a social care worker reflect on their practise.

Standards are guidelines to follow when performing any task/actions; these are there to ensure the task/action is completed to the required standard.   If you are not meeting the required standards then you know when reflecting on the task things have to be improved to meet the requirements.

a) Why is it important for a social worker to seek feedback on performance.

It is important to receive feedback on your performance so people can tell you what you do well and what things you could improve on.

b)The different ways that people may react to receiving constructive feedback.

People can react differently to constructive feedback depending on the way it is said and the individual.   A person may react in a negative way and take offence because they believe they are doing their best. A person may react positively and thank the individual for telling them what can be improved and so they know what they can do in the future.

c)Why it is important for a social care worker to use the feedback to improve their practise.

It is important to take in feedback from people because they may notice things you don’t and this can help you improve your service and widen your skills.