Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice
Q1) Reflecting on our practices enables us to identify areas where improvement may be 
needed and hopefully, this will give us the motivation needed to make these changes. 
Reflecting on our own practice is important because it allows us to assess what we are 
doing well & identify areas where we think we might like or need more training or 
guidance, to ensure we are performing to the best that we can & to ensure that we are 
meeting all standards & expectations within the nursery/school policies & procedures. It 
helps us to think about what we are doing & to always be aware of how we work with the 
children, families & colleagues. 
By reflecting on our practices, we evaluate our personal effectiveness which allows us to 
assess how effectively I am working in my setting and helps me to see if targets and goals 
are being met. 
By reflecting, we are looking back on a situation, pondering over it, learning from it and 
then using new knowledge we have to help us in future similar situations. 
Reflecting on a situation enables us to stand back and think about the situation, gain a 
new perspective and make sense of our experiences.
Q2) Reflection on my working practices helps me to see my weakness and strengths in my 
professional knowledge and work base skills. I can then endeavour to strengthen my 
weaknesses by highlighting them through my reflection, and then work out a plan to 
improve my knowledge or skill level within the areas required. 
Reflecting on our practices helps us to focus our thoughts on our experiences, gain a 
greater understanding of professional practice, become more aware of the knowledge and 
skills that I have developed, identify my strengths and areas for development and develop 
an action plan for future practice.
Q3)  By identifying my weaknesses I can help improve my work performance and in turn I will 
be able to feel better about myself therefore improving my self –...