Reflective Essay

There are several lessons that I have learned from working in a group. First, it has taught me to listen to other opinions in the team. Learning to listen to what others’ word is not as easy as it sounds. There were moments when I thought that I had better opinions than theirs. Fortunately, I managed to keep myself calm and let them finished their talking. Interrupting is not a proper thing in a group work. I would feel bothered if someone interrupts me while I am explaining my thoughts. Consequently, I always try to hear someone's idea in the group fully.
Unfortunately, there were some occasions in the group when people do not have the same idea of listening to others. They interrupt the conversation and intimidate the speaking person. It will create tensions, and the group will certainly not the best result of the efforts.
Working in the team for the assignment is not my first group work. Indeed, it has provided me with better understanding of listening to others. I am sure it is a useful soft skill, not only in an academic situation, but also in a working environment. Therefore, I am delighted to have the opportunity to take the lesson and implement it.
The second lesson that I have learned from the group work is the willingness to admit the better idea, no matter who submit the plan. First of all, I think it is normal for people to defend their opinion. There should be challenges for an idea to prove it is the strongest one. However, there is a definite moment when people have to realize that their plan is not suitable and might not be the best for the team.