Reflection: Supervision


Professional Practice Log

Name: | Sian Lewis | Date: | 1st December 2009 |
Notes / Comments:   (Give a brief description of the activity or incident then describe what you were feeling at the time, how did you react and why, what was informing your decision or reaction) |
For the purpose of this log I will be using the Gibbs model of reflection.I have been working as a casual member of staff since September 2009. I work on a regular basis of every afternoon throughout the week in one setting and some mornings in other settings, and have yet to receive any form of formal supervision.Flying start aims to provide consistent and flexible nursery care to children and families living in deprived areas. Many of the children attending the groups have already been placed on the child protection register, or are in the processes of being placed on there. A large percentage of the children attending are also on the child in need or ‘At risk’ registers and receiving a lot of help, along with their families, via portage, family support and intervention, and regular visits or contact from health visitors, setting leaders and social workers. This lack of supervision worries me as I have very limited, or no formal ways of expressing any concerns, summarising any incidents and recording any achievements. Although I now feel confident enough to be able to approach other staff and leaders with worries I may have, I think it would be of more benefit to myself, the setting, other staff and the children if some sort of formal supervision was offered. Despite being able to discuss any concerns with other staff, I have no-one to discuss any problems I may have with other staff members.On numerous occasions I have often wondered if the work I am completing is correct, if I am providing the children with the activities and support that they need and If there is anything I could be doing differently. I occasionally get a few...