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Introduction 3

Section 1: Stirling Council Social Services Supervision Policy 4

Section 2: Practice Standards and Models of Supervision 8

Section 3: Guidance to achieve Practice Standards 14


• Appendix 1: Supervision Agreement

• Appendix 2: Supervision Record

• Appendix 3: Group Supervision Record

• Appendix 4: Self Evaluation Questionnaire

• Appendix 5: Practice Development Plan

• Appendix 6: Learning and Development Action Plan

• Appendix 7: Record of Achievement

• Appendix 8: Observation of Practice

• Appendix 9: Introduction to Continuous Learning Framework (CLF)

• Appendix 10: Using the CLF

• Appendix 11: CLF Evidence Chart

• Appendix 12: CLF Personal Capabilities


Stirling Council Social Services has reviewed and rewritten its supervision documentation and guidance to ensure that the expectations and standards for supervision practice are achievable and consistent for staff and managers across all areas of service.

The guidance has drawn heavily on contributions from staff and managers across Stirling Council Social Services; those involved in the outcomes / supervision reflective discussion group, participants in the outcomes focused supervision programme for first line managers and those who contributed to the supervision audit.   It has been informed by examples of good practice from within Stirling Council Social Services as well as referring to relevant literature, research and national policy.   It incorporates Stirling Council’s Personal Review and Development policy and it presents a range of models of supervision whilst confirming the required best practice standards within Social Services.

Section 1: Stirling Council Social Services Supervision Policy

Social Services Vision and Core Purpose

|Stirling Council Social Services will work in partnership to promote a personalised...

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