Reflect and Analyse the Implications for Catering for a Child with Hydrocephalus in the Mainstream Classroom.

Reflect and analyse the implications for catering for a child with hydrocephalus in the mainstream classroom.
The Department for Schools and Education states that ‘schools can work together with children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities and their parents to ensure they achieve their full potential.   The Professional Standards for Qualified Teacher Status and Inclusion standards are the driving force behind teacher’s delivering quality education for all. Farrell (2003) suggests this is raising the standards for offering an inclusive environment for children’s learning.

Hydrocephalus is a condition where there is excess cerebrospinal fluid around the brain and this causes excess pressure. It is one of the most common developmental disabilities, implying that at a point in a teacher’s career they may come across and have to cater for a child with hydrocephalus.

A child with hydrocephalus may well for take their education in a special school, however there are no reasons why this could not have a wholesome education placed in a mainstream school, and in order to maintain inclusive aspects within school, this child’s individual needs would need to be catered for, in the most appropriate way. This essay will consider how it may be possible to do so, and which methods and implications would be most beneficial for a child with hydrocephalus.

Firstly, the general safety of the child should be greatly considered. Indeed, this aspect should always be considered for every person in the school, including children, staff and visitors, yet it should be considered even greater for a child with hydrocephalus. If this child was to have a bump to the head and did not recover quickly it could be possible damage to the shunt that is fitted to drain the excess fluid. This could cause further problems and complications for the child therefore safety is so important.

One way to address this could be as simple as expressing the importance of...