Red Cross Society

Mission statement
We are a dynamic Fiji humanitarian organisation dedicated to saving and improving the lives of the most vulnerable through mobilising the power of humanity and the     spirit of volunteerism.

The Fiji Red Cross Society was established in 1952 as a branch of the British Red Cross. It was recognised as an independent National Society in 1971. The Society is officially recognised by the government of Fiji as a voluntary relief organisation, a auxiliary to public authorities and as the only Red Cross Society in Fiji. It is the most widely recognised and respected humanitarian organisation in the country.
The Society has a National Council, a National Board, a National Office in Suva and 15 active branches  and two Divisional Service Centres (DSC Northern  and DSC Western ) throughout Fiji, covering 80% of the country. The Branches function primarily as relief operators and as a network system for implementing and promoting various programmes and services within their communities. The DSC Northern and DSC Western are the link on the ground for the National Office and the branches and each are responsible for their divisions respectively.
Depending on capacity, the Society fills the gaps where they can by providing the following free services and programmes:
  1. relief items to victims of natural disasters and fires
  2. protecting and promoting human dignity of people living with and affected by  HIV
  3. community-based safety first aid
  4. community-based home care and the provision of ambulatory aids for the  disabled and elderly
  5. HIV in the Workplace sessions
  6. Blood donor advocacy
  7. Red Cross in schools
The programme areas covered by the Society are as follows:

  1. Disaster Preparedness and Response
  2. Health and Care
  3. International Humanitarian Law
  4. Safety First Aid
  5. Resource Development

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