Realism: the Influence on Modern Literature

Realism: an inspiration to modern day writing, a touchstone so bold that it has changed the mode, the style, the voice of writing. Realism captured the minds of artistic, adventurous, rebellious writers across the US. Up until the 19th century, the only topics occupying a motivated writer were early staged romanticism and metaphysics, then goth which mixed romanticism with the supernatural. This literary movement was much needed in society as shown by its appearance in authors’ works from the 19th century forward, serving as a touchstone for today’s writing.
Realism did not start in America. Had it not been for the British and French, Realism may have never been introduced to America. Americans were stimulated by the models of the British and French. In Britain and France realism was born from the winds of change. The government and politics as well as enlightening thoughts. People began raising questions about religion which lead them to turn towards science. Science and the scientific method helped people come up with insightful questions and people began to write less about religion, happiness, romance, magic, wishful things, and more about things as they actually happened. Thus realism entered into the world.
As realism grew throughout Europe it slowly seeped into the United States. Americans looked towards the British and French models for a start. Once they got the ball rolling they came up with their own ideas as well as combining them with any other models they wanted. The idea of realism was to be free to express oneself as he sees the world and how it actually works around him, not how he hopes it will work. “Realism did rise and became conscious of itself as a significant, liberalizing, and forward-looking literary program.”
“Great writers [ ] did not devote themselves exclusively to translating everything into symbols, myths, and archetypes.” Realistic writers didn’t write about insights, they didn’t write ambiguity. Realism is about what is,...