Reaction Paper


I admit that I really like to talk about one’s dream so the title of the anecdote, “Follow Your Dream”, capture my attention. The anecdote was in full detail that is why I can easily imagine the scenes being described on it I also noticed that the author use flashback style in writing it.

At the first part of the anecdote, it is said that a fund-raising event is held at a ranch. Lots of youth are having difficulty in their studies because of financial problems. Only few are giving their time to find solution with this problem. I can truly say that raising fund for youth like me is such a wonderful task to do. I was confused at first. I didn’t understand what the relation of the fund-raising to the title of the story was. When Monty start telling a story, I soon realized what was the story all about.

          While reading the anecdote, ideas are passing on my mind. The man with a name of Monty Roberts starts telling a story about a young boy. Questions started to puzzle my mind. Is the boy somewhat related to Monty Roberts? And as the story goes on, the answer slowly becomes clearer by the order of the event. I was right with my idea. The young boy is Monty Roberts himself.

A diagram can be seen on the first part of the anecdote. I was touched when I learn that the diagram is the boy’s drawing of his views about the ranch that he is planning to have on the future. Having such an imagination is amazing. Many of us have dreams but only few makes illustration on how they can see their future properties. I like the way the boy label his drawing. This only proves that his view of having a ranch is not that simple. He also planned everything in his ranch at that age. I was truly amazed.

I was amazed when I have read the young boy’s dream. This makes me remember my dreams when I was younger. I used to plan about my future, and like him, it looks unrealistic. Even though it seems too hard to achieve it, he still wants it. While reading the...