Industrial Organization Reaction Paper

What are the highlights of your experience in application of “Industrial Organization Psychology” in the workplace?

The highlights of my experiences and lessons learned in I.O psychology are not just about theoretical ideas and concepts, but moreover important facts and information concerning on how to apply and create systematic, efficient, commendable methods in the workplace reality.   We can’t always be sure that specific concepts/theories will always fit and solve problems/circumstances that occur at our work.   What we can be sure of is that, the fusion of lessons and theories that we have obtained at I.O can be used to create flexible methods and planned operations that are relevant and appropriate for the circumstances that will arise at the workplace.
An example of “applying” these concepts is when during the HR talk, the classroom was turned into a workplace and we eventually knew that there was I.O concepts needed to be applied in the activities. Like in the real workplace, concepts like leadership, job motivation, job satisfaction, and training, organizing and developing were needed. It was only up students on how they were able to apply the knowledge they learned from our lecture in I.O psychology. There were two groups; each has its own 5 members, 1 operations manager and supervisor. Based on what I have observed, the groups were given specific tasks and strict quality compliance for every activity (3 activities). If the group’s product didn’t meet the specific requirements, they would eventually fail in one part of the activity or rather lose to the other group. Team participation and planning was really needed, by every member and more importantly they should build a trust relationship with one another.   If one member fails to complete a task, it would result into a “domino effect” resulting to the failure of other members.   In addition the role of the operations manager and supervisor is to make sure the team members get along well in their...