Raw Speech

Having trouble understanding what power is?
Good morning ladies and gentleman of the board of judges for the lion’s youth of the year competition. I’m here today to present to you the subject of empowerment, and how my chosen novel raw allowed me to create a greater understanding of it and also how it empowered me. The three different examples of the novel which helped me understand the meaning of empowerment is; the use and abuse of power, the consequences of power and someone’s struggle for power
To begin with, in raw the first example of empowerment which allowed me to become of a greater understanding of empowerment is the relationship between the police and Brett. This is a great example of the use and abuse of power as it shows how Brett who is in a lesser position is treated and how he is powerless against the authority, this is seen when the police left him in the back of a station wagon on a hot day only giving him the bare minimum to survive. This is definitely a clear example of use and abuse of power as Brett had just been unlocked from his cage in the back of the wagon and did not want to leave and he is met with a strong demand which is “move it”. The language feature which is being used is an imperative phrase as Brett is being commanded to do something. The effect this has to the scene is that it allows us to enhance our understanding of a person’s attitude towards someone else. This scene empowered me to remember to not abuse the power I have and only use it for the good of others and myself and to remember we are all people with the same rights who deserve respect.
Secondly, another example which allowed me to create a better understanding of empowerment and the consequences of power, is in the novel when Tyson is sent to jail after taking out a switch blade during his fight with Brett. This is an example of consequences of power as through having different types of power such as personal and instrumental he ends up abusing it by bullying...