Essay English Speech

My country by Dorothea Mackellar and For the fire by John Foulcher

Good afternoon/good morning ladies and gentleman boys and girls. I am here today to present my speech about Australian Poetry and share my interpretation of the ideas and techniques of both poems 'My Country' and 'For the Fire', both by Australian poets John Foulcher and Dorothea Mackella. As you may already know poetry is an artistic form that uses language in a unique,compressed way to give us an insight into ideas and emotions of the poets experience or life.

Dorothea Mackellar’s iconic poem has been brought to life as a beautifully illustrated picture book. The story begins in England.But this is not where the narrator’s heart lies. She prefers the sunburnt land of Australia with its plains and mountains and ever-changing weather.
It is not a gentle land; it is a challenging one, cruel in times of drought, unpredictable in rainy season. Flood and fire are part of the landscape and can be devastating. Yet for all the wildness, all its ferocity, it can be a generous land and a magnificent one, and those who call it home have an innate connection to the land.

It is a rhyming poem which has six stanzas in length. It has simple descriptive language which is evocative and is set out to all ages. The opening two stanzas describe the British landscape, but this is not the country that Dorothea Mackellar yearns for it is the Australian bush that calls to her heart and the last few stanzas are an anthem to her homeland. The Poet recalls the physical geography of the land   and uses adjectival phrases such as 'opal-hearted   country' and sapphire-misted mountain' to emphasis her delight with it. The poet uses   language to personify   Australia , and gendering her country ,she is able to more strongly connect with it. The poet has constructed a poem that speaks to our national identity: if we understand what she is trying to communicate , then we are Australians.

But on the other hand the poet...